Venice Duke is ceramics: natural and enamelled clay for the textured line, grès laminate and majolica for large decorated surfaces and tiles.


Clay is a very common material, pliant when mixed with water and non-deforming after baking. Its appearance, colour and porosity change according to the type of mix as well as the baking temperature and finish (natural or enamelled). Processing a clay surface achieves spectacular wall cladding featuring texture and three-dimensional effects.


The characteristics of grès are compactness, impermeability, hygiene and resistance: for this reason it is the most popular material for walls and floors. Compared to technical grès, which looks very much like marble, porcelain grès is enamelled and can be coloured and decorated just like majolica, with textured finishes or hand painted. Versatile and bright, grès is currently trendy in interior design.


Majolica is a mix coated in enamel or transparent varnish to make it waterproof. It is a highly resistant material used for tiles and wall cladding, floors and interior decor accessories. Majolica is decorated after it has been enamelled by a process that keeps colours bright and vivid. Painted by hand, the brush strokes must be rapid, skilled and extremely precise: that’s why they are considered small works of art.