Custom Made Projects

Venice Duke implements projects customised in terms of colours, decorations, surface texture and sizes, with large ceramic tiles and customer-defined grès slabs. Creative artists and designers and a network of small local workshops and hi tech industries make it possible to realise bespoke projects to meet all needs.

The infinite possibilities of surface decoration

We work on clay surfaces to make them three dimensional, creating spectacular cladding that exploits the uneven chiaroscuro effect of the material. We can promptly provide samples, also to customer drawings.

Artistic freedom

We treat ceramic tiles and grès slabs as if they were canvasses to be painted. This means we can hand paint any subject or decoration, even on innovative supports of medium to large dimensions.

Large formats

We have introduced maxi dimensions to the craft decoration culture and have managed to successfully produce highly personalised non-standard slabs and panels.

What we offer

We offer the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. We can customise the surface texture of cladding, its decoration, colour and size. We will help you carry out your idea, combining your project, our knowledge of ceramics and the technical and artistic skills of our workshops.

  • Creation of textured surfaces
  • Customised decorations and patterns
  • Maxi formats and non-standard dimensions
  • Samples
  • From project to product without wasting time

Our samples are rapidly made so that the architect or interior designer can quickly assess feasibility, impact and cost of the customised project.

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